Tourist attraction in Ontario

Attracting people to come is to museums in Toronto we have ROM which stands for Royal Ontario Museum I went there for my birthday and it was really fun but I got really tired another museum is Ska-Na-Doht it’s where you learn more about aboriginals of what types of things they used to survive. A place that really caught me to want to go there is Niagara it’s such a beautiful view and in that area is great wolf lodge it has a water park inside I thought it was fun, another place that tourists would want to visit is Ottawa most of the people know what Ottawa is, Ottawa is the capital city it is where the Parliament building is where the prime minister lives i’ve been there twice and I’d like to live there. Another place where kids would want to have fun with there family is Canada’s wonderland it is really fun it has lots of rides and there fun ones that you cannot forget!

Image source: ROM
Challenge 3