Challenge 3: Sock With holes

There are many ways to use a sock with holes! for example:

  • You could use your sock as a glove with no finger
  • To clean your screens/ Windows
  • Wash your face with
  • Use it as a donut maker if you want to make your into a bun
  • Make it as a puppet
  • A cloth to dry your hands with
  • Clean your shoes with
  • Clean Counters
  • Bookmark
  • Clean Glasess

And these are 10 ways to use a sock with holes!

Challenge 3

4 thoughts on “Challenge 3: Sock With holes

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  2. haha very creative 🙂 i love it ! i may try it someday ..
    but you could’ve used images to make u’r post more interesting thann it is already 😀

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