My poems

At school we had to make 3 types of poems I picked Couplets, Limerick and  a cinquain hope you enjoy!

Lights, Camera, Action!


Take one, take two, take three, and take four

Take the shot from the head to the floor
Making Movies is so fun

It is easier said than done


The actor must cry it all out

Don’t forget to really shout


Take five, take six, take seven, and take eight

Your acting on the floor wasn’t so great


Take nine, take ten, take eleven, and take twelve

Good! Now put the book back in the shelve


No, No! Let’s try again

Back to the floor come on Glen


Take thirteen, take fourteen, take fifteen, and take sixteen

Take seventeen, take eighteen, and take nineteen


We just can’t get this right!

Turn on those lights to make it bright!


Take twenty and take twenty-one!

Yes we are finally done!












A dancer who failed


There was once a dancer who was strong

But when she performed her dance went wrong

She was really upset

So she played her clarinet

She couldn’t forget it all yearlong






You just got to love rice


Mighty, Rich

Eating, Chewing, falling

Between my plate and mouth


The authors message is that we make mistakes in life no one is perfect in the first poem the mistake was the acting was horrible the second poem talks about a girl who messes up the third one rice falling is a big waste because its food and parents always tell their kids about developing countries don’t even have any food. So making a mess in your plate making mistakes in your dance, not doing what the director wants you to do are mistakes but that’s okay because next time you won’t make a mistake you’ll know what to do.


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  2. I love the limerick system. It’s so easy and fun to use. That’s the system I used few days ago to write a huge poem. Please visit and comment on my blog: I’m from Honduras 😀

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