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I really have any idea what to do wit h my blog I decided to make this as all  my favourite things. At the tops they’re will be new tabs these are what is going to be in the tabs:

  •      The Arts
  •       Imovie
  •       Books
The arts: I’m going to write a lot of stuff in the arts like when your bored something you could do that is crafty or if you want to do something with your friends you could play with your friends. I play the piano and I love playing pop music and if you need the chords for the song I’ll have a newsong posted in this tab if there was any request for sure I’ll find the chords for you!
Imovie: I have recently started using Imovie. Imovie is a great app (apple company)  to use when your making movies or musicals like in youtube the channel AVByte makes great musicals that are funny my favourite is procrastination- the musical check it out if you’d like! if you have a mac, macbook pro then those devices are the easiest to use Imovie a youtube channel Matthew pearce is a big fan of applehe showed me effects that you can do that I didn’t really know about.
Books: Ever since I did. Book report in my class I actually like reading now I am currently reading Perfect it is about a girl who isn’t in fit so she was trying to puke but her sister told her mom even though her sister was specificlly told not to tell their mom. I will try to finish this book and make a report about this until april 1st it will be a little challenging since it’s almost the 1st of april so wish me luck 🙂
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