Hi my names Stella I moved in to a strange neighbourhood my neighbour seems to have party’s everyday sometime explosions for no reason. One day it was night time and I was just reading my favourite book. Suddenly, the lights went on and off then does it again and then the lights stays off and I call my neighbour the Halliwells I was a little scared until there was a little earthquake then  the lights came back on and then I got really sleepy and I fell asleep. the next morning was even weirder my neighbour comes in the house asking me questions about last night and they dont tell me what’s going on so I decided to just wash the dishes. After I was done I went in the basement it still needed alot of work but I saw a black of dust I was really scared so I ran up the stairs and the doorebll rang I told them about it thinking that I was crazy but they didnt think that they all introduce there names Wyatt, Chris and Melinda and they told me about there special gifts and that they were witches it was crazy for them to say that but I believed them so  they could help me get rid of it they told me it was a woogyman and it was evil Wyatt started turning evil all of a sudden so Chris and Melinda told me to leave ChrisM went with me Wyatt pretty much the woogyman sent out a little ghost to follow us. Melinda frose time and froze Wyatt usually witches dont freeze when a witch freezes time Melinda went with us but the little ghost didnt freeze it doesnt freeze. It was following us all of a sudden the little ghost got into the car and the aircon was on it got in I breathed it in I started to turn evil so did Chris didnt notice yet but she was out of nowhere and got a priminition on where to go so she went back home and Chris and I started acting evil Melinda was the only one that new the spell to defaett the woogyman she ran out of the car and one of Melinda’s gift was a preminition she got a preminition and remembered the story about the woogyman that her mom told her she was scared Wyatt was running and had a sinister laugh Chris, Wyatt and I were following her and she was stuck in the attic no way out so she chants a spell
“I am light
I am one too strong too fight
return to dark where shadows dwell
you cannot have this halliwell
go away and leave my sight
and take with you this endless night”
the woogyman came out of all of us and vanished in thin air we all were alive safe and for the the next few days I havent had any problems with this.

Challenge 9

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