Titan Rose

I love playing Titan rose although my computer is broken I love levelling up getting new armours and weapons!

If you have read my “about me” you all notice I said I played MMORPG games which stands for “Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games”. One of my favourites are Titan Rose and Rose Online. They both reside in same platform and layout, Titan Rose is just more popular in Asia and Rose Online is happens to be more popular here in North America, I no longer play Titan Rose nor Rose Online because my laptop’s screen is broken; The system still works I just need the screen replaced.

Titan rose begins with the “Goddess Aura”, She was the goddess of peace she created 7 planets where everyone could achieve great fortune, But “Hebarn” the god of evil took over the 7th planet and named it after himself goddess Aura knew there would be no good if he took over all planets. So, she created visitors and sent them to the first planet that was successfully made “Junon” when you begin playing you start at a city called “Adventure plains” you learn the basics of beginning of a new journey you attack monsters that Hebarn sent to take over Junon.

One of the first quests will be to choose a your class/job as soon as you reach level 10. This quest will require you to proceed to a city called “Canyon city of Zant” where you can select what kind of class and branch you want to persue (Soldier, Muse,Hawker and Dealer). Each class have different ways of attacking monsters. Hawkers for examples use their skill in dexterity and speed to their advantage and use weapons such as the Bow and arrow and dual swords which enhances a hawker’s qualities. The more monsters you attack the more experience points you receive. More experience gives you a chance to level up thus upgrade skills/weapons/armour etc. All in all the Titan Rose franchise was a fun gaming experience that I truly recommend.

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  1. Hey, my name is Mariah, I live in the USA. I have never acually myself played on of these types of games but they sound really fun. My brother plays not this one but one like this one. I think some where in the future I will have to try on of these games. Visit my blogs sometime mrh2017.edublogs.org

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