Anne frank: Diary of a young girl

I’m reading Anne Frank it’s been interesting Anne doesn’t really like her mom so she doesn’t talk to her much. Anne frank has no one to like talk to since she’s in the secret annexe ( where they hide from the Germans) so she’s trying to talk to Peter because she feels lonely. I am reading the edited version but a part of the book is talking about how she kissed her girl best friend in a sleepover it was probably the weirdest part in the book.

1. The main events were 1st Margot getting a letter from the nazis about concentration camp this is the reason why they are hiding in the secret annexe, the secret annexe is behind a cupboard. The next main event is the Van Daan’s moving in with the Franks then a few weeks later Mr. Dussel moved in with them. Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan have been fighting a lot and Mr. Dussel and Anne have been fighting over the room they share. They were starting to have shortage of food because the prices were high.

2. The round characters is Anne Frank because she talks more about herself and Peter because she started liking Peter I think also her mother because she always complains about her also Mrs. Van Daan Anne doesn’t like her much and Margot because that is Anne’s sister. The flat characters would be Miep, Mr. Koophius and henk because they are there to like help them with food supply etc.

3. I think were they all worked together is when they first moved in the annexe they all work together to put stuff neatly and when they were getting their food ready they all prepared it with no fighting

4. I already knew what the ending was and I already read the book but my prediction was that Peter and Anne like were going to like “get married” or had like a promise to be together because Anne liked Peter.



Challenge 3: Sock With holes

There are many ways to use a sock with holes! for example:

  • You could use your sock as a glove with no finger
  • To clean your screens/ Windows
  • Wash your face with
  • Use it as a donut maker if you want to make your into a bun
  • Make it as a puppet
  • A cloth to dry your hands with
  • Clean your shoes with
  • Clean Counters
  • Bookmark
  • Clean Glasess

And these are 10 ways to use a sock with holes!

Challenge 3

Luv 2 Dance competition

I’m not really in a competitive dance team but my cousin is my week end has been the most bussiest yet tiring week end I don’t know if that made sense I’m really bad with my grammar. My cousin is in a mini competitive team for a dance studio called All that jazz dance co. Short form atj there motto is atj whhatt?! There dances where amazing it ha “swag” in it my cousin danced to Prince (atj modern production), another brick in the wall, G-slide (one of my favourite), shaboom, when I’m 64 and barbie (my favourite because some parts it had like techno in it and it had a really sick beat between the song all my cousins dance that she performed in got a platnium G-slide got a special award don’t really remember but I think it was called cute and got swag when I’m 64 got a special award I’m not quite sure what though it has been a long day my cousin was out there dancing from 10 in the morning till 3 and we woke up 6 in the morning because we thought that she was up first but apperantally she was suppose to perform at 10. Atj won the competition I’m so proud of them although I go to a different dance studio. My cousins dance studio and my dance studio use to be together but the head of my dance studio decided to make a new dance studio (Pure Dance Academy [PDA]). Pure wasn’t in the I luv dance competition because they are in another called Hollywood competition I think.

My poems

At school we had to make 3 types of poems I picked Couplets, Limerick and  a cinquain hope you enjoy!

Lights, Camera, Action!


Take one, take two, take three, and take four

Take the shot from the head to the floor
Making Movies is so fun

It is easier said than done


The actor must cry it all out

Don’t forget to really shout


Take five, take six, take seven, and take eight

Your acting on the floor wasn’t so great


Take nine, take ten, take eleven, and take twelve

Good! Now put the book back in the shelve


No, No! Let’s try again

Back to the floor come on Glen


Take thirteen, take fourteen, take fifteen, and take sixteen

Take seventeen, take eighteen, and take nineteen


We just can’t get this right!

Turn on those lights to make it bright!


Take twenty and take twenty-one!

Yes we are finally done!












A dancer who failed


There was once a dancer who was strong

But when she performed her dance went wrong

She was really upset

So she played her clarinet

She couldn’t forget it all yearlong






You just got to love rice


Mighty, Rich

Eating, Chewing, falling

Between my plate and mouth


The authors message is that we make mistakes in life no one is perfect in the first poem the mistake was the acting was horrible the second poem talks about a girl who messes up the third one rice falling is a big waste because its food and parents always tell their kids about developing countries don’t even have any food. So making a mess in your plate making mistakes in your dance, not doing what the director wants you to do are mistakes but that’s okay because next time you won’t make a mistake you’ll know what to do.


Peepellows Read up!

I really have any idea what to do wit h my blog I decided to make this as all  my favourite things. At the tops they’re will be new tabs these are what is going to be in the tabs:

  •      The Arts
  •       Imovie
  •       Books
The arts: I’m going to write a lot of stuff in the arts like when your bored something you could do that is crafty or if you want to do something with your friends you could play with your friends. I play the piano and I love playing pop music and if you need the chords for the song I’ll have a newsong posted in this tab if there was any request for sure I’ll find the chords for you!
Imovie: I have recently started using Imovie. Imovie is a great app (apple company)  to use when your making movies or musicals like in youtube the channel AVByte makes great musicals that are funny my favourite is procrastination- the musical check it out if you’d like! if you have a mac, macbook pro then those devices are the easiest to use Imovie a youtube channel Matthew pearce is a big fan of applehe showed me effects that you can do that I didn’t really know about.
Books: Ever since I did. Book report in my class I actually like reading now I am currently reading Perfect it is about a girl who isn’t in fit so she was trying to puke but her sister told her mom even though her sister was specificlly told not to tell their mom. I will try to finish this book and make a report about this until april 1st it will be a little challenging since it’s almost the 1st of april so wish me luck 🙂
Image Source:Music Notes

Challenge 2: freedom

Challenge 1: Who am I?

Challenge 1 the question is if I could meet 10 people who would it be well here it is.
Questions I would ask:

Anna Kendrick: Is Acting fun?
One Direction: Why did you audition for the X-Factor?
Jennifer Lawrence: How did you feel when you won the best aactress in the Oscars?
Brent Gocke: Did you enjoy Judging the playstation tester?
Nolan North: Do you enjoy playing nathan drake on Uncharted 1,2 and 3?
Mila Kunis: Is it true that you do play video games?
Miranda Cosgrove: Do you miss acting in Icarly?
Jennette Mccurdy: Is your personality actually like Sam from Icarly?
Holly Marie Combs: Do you miss acting in Charmed?

Challenge 1

March Break

Today is the last day of March break, my March break was amazing! I really didn’t go anywhere interesting just at my house playing video games the usual me I also went swimming with my cousins it was a fun and one floatie that looked like a surfing board I used it as a surfing board. It was really hard to get it down in the water but it was fun! I also tried to do a back summersalt but I didn’t have my goggles with me so I ended up closing my eyes and hitting the swimming pool floor and I got up I was fine I could still remember the date where I’m at who I was and what I ate for breakfast. I started playing sims again I was really bored and then on Wednesday the pope was chosen Pope Francis the first. On friday my family and my grand aunts and my cousin and I went to mama maria’s restaurant I got a cheesy pizza which was really yummy! Then I slept over at Morgan’s house Natalie was there too. So really I didn’t do a lot of exciting stuff for march break hope yours was a lot more fun than mine!

Close To Famous

Hello Peepellows! for school we had a project. It was a book report we had to make an Art component, Drama Component, Make a plot cart about the book and a written report. For my art component I made a dollhouse with foster (the main chracter) and Huck ( the elvis impersontaor) and Fosters mom on the ground because she was punched in the eye by Huck. This is my book report

 Close To famous
                                 By: Julia

          This amazing book that I read is called Close to famous by Joan Bauer this genreis is fiction this book is 250 pages long. I chose this book because I judged it by it’s cover and I do that a lot I look at the cover if it look’s nice or interesting or cool then I read the back of the book to see how interesting the book is. It was interesting how a girl moved out of the city because there was this that hurt your mom and you have to start your life over again to a different city. Before I read the book I first thought this little girl was popular and she didn’t want to lose that popularity because her mom got hurt but no I was wrong. After reading this book Close to famous was an interesting story. In the chapters there were cliff hanger and makes me keep on reading a few words I didn’t understand. I could kind of understand her feelings because in the book I picture me actually thinking this like “oh no I lost my favourite pen”. Overall I visualize so I can see this book a movie and this would be drama.

          The setting for this book was in Memphis where Foster use to live in and the city she lives in now, Culpepper. In Memphis the only setting the author explains with details is when Huck breaks into Rayka (Fosters Mom) and Fosters Apartment. The place was a mess little glass everywhere from the Window that Huck broke. In Culpepper The most detailed setting the author was talking about is Ms. Charleena’s house the curtains were closed, outside with shutters but all were closed her floor was shiny all furniture was fancy and the pillows were soft.

          There are a couple of Characters in the book the main character is Foster McFee she has brown hair her favourite green apron and shelves to bake. Rayka McFee is Fosters mom Foster got her hair from her mom and she learned how to do a lot of stuff by reading a book. Huck, is an Elvis impersonator he was the reason why Rayka and Foster left Memphis he Broke into thier apartment and punched Rayka in the eye went looking for eventually Rayka press charges on him. Macon if it wasn’t for Macon Foster wouldn’t have met Ms. Charleena, Macon Loves documentaries he wants to direct a documentary film. Ms. Charleena is an actress she was from Hollywood but she moved back to Culpepper because her husband cheated on her. Kitty was the one who saved Foster and Rayka’s life from a cliff. Lester was the other person that also helped Foster and Rayka’s life from a cliff he was a sergeant. Wayne was the guy who pays Foster for baking cake she bakes her cake and he buys them for his restaurant.

          This book is about a 12 year old girl who loves to bake, Her idol is Sonny kroll he’s a famous chef and thats what Foster wants to be when she grows up. Her dad died in an army when she was 7 that’s when her mom, Rayka started to date Huck He is an Elvis impersonator her mom is a back up singer for Elvis. Foster can’t read or write her best friend moved to Texas in 5th grade in 6th grade Johnny Joe Badger called Foster the stupidest girl on Earth even her teacher agreed. Then when Foster came home with her report card she brought bad news Huck wasn’t proud of her. That’s when he started calling Foster a loser and then her mom broke up with Huck.

          One night he broke into thier house and punched Rayka in the eye. He walked up to Foster and said not to say anything but instead Foster did the complete opposite and woke up the neighbours and he left. Foster and Rayka moved out as quick as they could They packed up and left they went to a few pit stops and they were stuck in a fog. They stopped and rested they woke up because these 2 people helped them out of a cliff. they’re names were Kitty and Lester they showed them the nearest city, Culpepper. Kitty and Lester offered their trailer for Foster and Rayka to move in for free Lester was a sergeant his dad was a fisherman so in the trailer over the sink is a type of fish that his dad caught.

          At first Foster thought there was any Elvis impersonator but there isn’t there was a cat named Elvis. Foster and Rayka were unpacking Foster was looking for a las vegas pillowcase it has all the memory of dad she couldn’t find it she was so upset. Rayka found a job at fish hardware then Rayka’s phone rang it was Huck he had the las vegas pillowcase filled with Foster’s dads prize possession. He wanted to talk to Rayka but Foster shut of the cellphone before Rayka could say anything to him. They went to food the only grocery in town I met a boy who works for Ms. Charleena, Ms. Charleena is a famous actress well at least she use to she won an Emmy and a Golden globe the workers name is Macon.

           Macon has always wanted to make a documentary films about thw city so Foster was his secretary but Foster ended up doodling instead of taking notes. A few days later  he told Foster she could meet Ms. Charleena Rayka said in one condition to remember what it was like to be with her. When Foster came to her house she wasn’t really impressed with Foster like Foster’s sock had holes in it she doesn’t like it when you touch her stuff. A few days later Macon was sick Foster had to take over his job for now Foster went and she gave Foster a list to  do Foster can’t read. Foster asked if she could read it to her she read the 1st 3 things on what to do one of them was to feed the dogs and tend the garden and feed the birds. Foster fed the dogs and was looking for the birdseeds and she told asked Foster if she coukd read or not there has no birds. Foster left, embarrassed she fell and went back she told Foster she had trouble reading when she was young too they made a deal Foster teaches her how to cook and she teaches Foster to read.

          A few days later Ms. Charleena was sick stan her agent called trying to talk to her but she couldn’t because she was sick. Foster got a small job for the restaurant angry wayne She gets to bake and he buys them from Foster. Foster went to a library and got a book  Sonny Kroll Foster met Garland he’s like a really fast runner. When Foster was walking to Ms. Charleena’s house to start reading the cookbook by Sonny kroll Foster pass the helping hands where no one has prepared food for these people. So Foster went to angry wayne asked if she could take some food and he doesn’t need to pay me for tomorrow’s bake good She cooked food and they were happy.

             She went to Ms. Charleena to learn to read and Foster went pass Macon fixing the garden She read and Macon came in he stood there he see’s Foster learning how to read now he knows he’ll tell everyone and embarass Foster. Foster went home and Lester heard something bad in the news Sonny Kroll is in a coma he knocked off his motorcycle. Foster wanted to write a letter to him but she didn’t really know how to right so this is all I wrote ” Deer Sonny, U R not a loan. The next day Foster, taught Ms. Charleena how to bake and she taught how to read she said she wasnt the right person to teach Foster Macon told us she was the right one he felt sorry for getting mad at me for stealing his job.

              Foster went to the fish hardware and Rayka was teaching her to read while she was working then told me. She was going back to Memphis and pay for taxes and other billing stuff thats what she told Foster. In that night Foster was really worried about Rayka after that day she left. A few days later Macon and Foster were talking about why Foster moved. After Foster told him her big fear of Elvis they went to the library and get Foster tried to get over that fear.

          Then Foster went fishing with Lester they had small talks and Foster ran back to the trailer and Rayka’s car was there. She was hanging up clothes and Foster hugged her. She had a bruise on her arm she asked what happened  she said she fell. Foster went to Fosters room and Foster found the pillowcase my dad’s stuff were in it. Huck started calling again Huck tried talking to Rayka Foster Told Rayka seeing Huck was a bad idea.

          Perserverance a person who wanted to keep the church that was on sale because they are other people that are deciding on bulldozing it and turning it into a taco restaturant. For the past few days Foster has been learning and teaching to Ms. Charleena. When Foster got home Foster answered Rayka’s phone and its Huck Foster told him they both moved Rayka got a new boyfriend that’s just like daddy and she got a new job. Rayka went to the nurse to get her bruise checked I told her Huck is going to find us. A family moved with kitty and Lester the mom Val was just going to tell her husband that they were going to get divorce. I went over to Ms. Charleena’s house to show her a white dress Foster ruined then she showed Foster magazines why she moved back here. It was when her husband was cheating on her she said she’s actually going back to Hollywood to start acting again her agent called and dropped off the script she asked Foster to read it.

          She went to the helping house Val was there talking about how she told Duke they were going to get divorced he wasn’t very happy when he was told that. Macon earned his very first camera phone, he was very sneaky he took videos of embarassing things that happened to people like Foster coming out of the washroom and Amy picking her nose. There was a little get together at the helping house the younger kids Garland, Amy and Foster were baking, Rayka sang a little bit. Duke came he forced his kids and Val to come with him but they would refuse Duke decided to leave then he was on the ground defeated by Wayne (not beaten) then he was arrested. The next day Val and her kids left Val didn’t want her kids to get hurt.

          Foster was walking out of the food with macon and that’s when I saw Elvis jump out of his cadillac. Macon started to film a documentary then we kept saying “get away from us and my mama” again and again a police came by and took Huck away. Rayka press charges on him for hitting her twice. In that night we celebrated the organization of helping hands. Rayka sang there Mrs. Dupree my future principal she introduced force to a reading specialist Mrs. Vick. So Foster decided to send Sonny a letter and me baking pineapple upside down cupcakes with whip cream Macon and Foster sent a video of me baking and he sent me a letter saying to never give up. 

          The Characters seem real to me because I can imagine this as a movie and someone playing as Foster and saying and thinking how she really felt and maybe this story could be relating to an actual human being. Another reason why the characters seem real because the way the author wrote the story it was full of details that the author makes sure that you understand it too.

        The setting the author explained was really good because I usually say that I’m that character and if I were in that situation the author woukd explaine what’s going on. Also because I pretend this whole thing is a movie so I know whats going on to this story.

          The story was a bit hard to follow there were a few words I wasn’t quite sure so I had to find that word in the dictionary. Like Über tools I had no idea what it was and it is a german language meaning above, meaning and across. I did enjoy the storyline some chapters made me want to read more.

          I have so much favourite part to this book but my most favourite one is when Ms. Charleena tricked Foster of one of her jobs because it was a shockong thing that made me want to read more although it was really mean for Ms. Charleena to do.

          The character I like the best is Ms. Charleena despite she got cheated on or she is a little rude I see her as an elegant women because she wears nice clothes as the author explains what she wears it seems really pretty.

          I would recommend this book for more around 12 for girls because when I first attempt reading this I really wasn’t paying attention. Also because there are a few words that are a little hard to understand. For girls because it’s a girl story no guy really would want to read a book about a girl.














Events that happenned 2012

I think the most important event was the hurricane sandy because a lot of homes were broken because of it. If my home was knocked over because of a hurricane I would be really upset because I have a lot of stuff that I love in my home and I love my home and my parents would probably have to make money to rebuild our home.